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By Wole Adedoyin

The National Secretariat of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has officially commenced the acceptance of revalidation of membership forms from state chapters. 

In a statement released by Maik Ortserga, the General Secretary, authors and literary enthusiasts who are yet to submit their revalidation forms are urged to act swiftly, as the deadline for submission is rapidly approaching.

The revalidation process is a crucial step taken by ANA to update and maintain accurate membership records, ensuring that the association continues to serve its members effectively. ANA takes pride in being a diverse and inclusive literary community, welcoming authors and readers alike to participate in its events and activities. However, only those who have successfully revalidated their membership will be considered in good standing to attend Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs), and any other upcoming programs.

The decision to enforce revalidation of membership aligns with the resolutions reached during the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Makurdi in July 2020, as well as the AGM of 5th December 2020 in Ilorin. Furthermore, the recent meeting between ANA's national executive committee and the Chairmen/Secretaries in Ilorin in 2023 also endorsed this move.

By ensuring that members revalidate their membership, ANA aims to enhance engagement, foster a stronger literary community, and provide its members with access to a myriad of opportunities and benefits. This revalidation process also supports ANA's commitment to promoting Nigerian literature and supporting authors in their literary pursuits.

Authors and literary enthusiasts who wish to partake in ANA's upcoming conventions and events must take prompt action to revalidate their membership. Failure to comply with the revalidation process may lead to limited access to various ANA activities.

In conclusion, ANA remains steadfast in its mission to promote Nigerian literature, support authors, and cultivate a vibrant literary ecosystem. The association encourages all members to comply with the revalidation process within the stipulated time frame. Authors can find the necessary revalidation forms and instructions on the official ANA website or reach out to their respective state chapters for assistance.

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