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By Wole Adedoyin

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) takes great pride in announcing the successful launch of its state-of-the-art electronic library, a visionary project realized under the leadership of Camillus Ukah during his second term tenure as ANA President. 

This cutting-edge E-library stands as a testament to the association's commitment to fostering modern and technologically driven advancements in the world of Nigerian literature.

Initiated during Camillus Ukah's 2019 campaign for ANA Presidency, the E-library now houses an impressive collection of over two million books, covering a vast array of literary genres, including Poetry, Prose, Drama, Essay, Biographies, Criticism books, and Autobiographies, among others. 

This treasure trove of creativity and knowledge provides ANA members with unparalleled access to an extensive selection of both creative and academic works.

The E-library can be easily accessed by members through the user-friendly link: 

It offers seamless navigation and an intuitive interface to ensure an enriching and immersive reading experience. 

Moreover, it incorporates the prestigious "ANA REVIEW," the esteemed journal of the Association of Nigerian Authors, as well as past and present editions of ANA Magazines, Anthologies, and Academic Papers.

Beyond merely consolidating ANA's literary assets, the primary objective of this ambitious project is to make the ANA library accessible to members regardless of their geographical location. 

Through the E-library, ANA seeks to transcend physical boundaries and provide its members with a dynamic platform to engage with literary works, fostering a vibrant and connected community of authors.

The E-library is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement and stands as a model for digital literary repositories. As renowned author Samuel Johnson once stated, "I never desire to converse with a man who has written more than he has read." Embracing this philosophy, ANA encourages all authors to immerse themselves in the vast collection before crafting their own literary masterpieces.

However, the benefits of this E-library are not limited to ANA members alone. Non-members are equally encouraged to explore the rich assortment of literary gems and contribute feedback to further enrich the collection. The library team is committed to assisting users in locating, selecting, and acquiring the information they seek from this extensive archive of knowledge.

The successful realization of the ANA E-library represents a significant milestone in Nigerian literature, further propelling the nation's literary heritage onto the global stage. ANA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to the realization of this ambitious project, particularly Camillus Ukah, whose vision and dedication made this transformative initiative possible.

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