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By Wole Adedoyin

The Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) has recently provided an update on the status of the Mamman Vatsa Writers Village, a property granted to the Association by the esteemed General Mamman Vatsa in Mpape, Abuja. 

ANA in a statement issued by the General Secretary of the Association, Maik Ortserga said the property's development has been a topic of much discussion and has faced various challenges over the years.

The writers' village project, envisioned to be of transformational value to ANA, encountered difficulties since its inception, including financial constraints, legal disputes, and interference from land speculators and government actions.

Despite these challenges, the Association managed to secure the services of a developer, KVML, in 2012, which was granted the authority to sell part of the land while developing essential infrastructural facilities for ANA.

Under the leadership of the previous National EXCO between 2015 and 2019, significant progress was made, and construction of essential structures commenced. 

Building upon this momentum, the current National EXCO, from 2020 till date, has been diligently working with KVML to accelerate the development process further. As a result, notable buildings have been completed for immediate use, signaling a promising future for the writers' village.

Addressing certain misconceptions, the Association emphasizes that KVML has never reported any loss of land since assuming its role as the official developer in 2012. Additionally, annual reports on developments within the writers' village have been provided during the Association's AGMs and conventions, ensuring transparency and accountability.

ANA acknowledges its commitment to openness and encourages anyone with pertinent information to share it through the official channels of the Association rather than resorting to sensational posts on social media.

The Association firmly believes that discussions should be held peacefully and constructively, avoiding the unnecessary propagation of acrimony or unfounded claims.

The Association's recovery from challenging times in 2019 has been remarkable, and it strives to uphold its reputation by not allowing any individual to bring disrepute upon ANA. 

The Mamman Vatsa Writers Village represents a symbol of unity and progress for Nigerian authors, and ANA remains resolute in its dedication to realizing this vision.

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